Dundee Corporation is an active investor focused on mining with more than 30 years of experience making accretive mining investments. Building long-term relationships and conducting detailed due diligence are at the core of how we make investment decisions and who we partner with.
We are aligned with the interests of issuers and co-investors and bring a disciplined and collaborative investment approach to delivering value from undervalued mining assets.

Four Pillars of Success

We know mining
We have walked in the shoes of mining companies, having considerable experience on all sides of a deal – both on the ground, and in the capital markets. We are geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers, analysts, investment bankers, and financiers.
We’re diligent, disciplined and creative
We take a deep look at individual projects to de-risk them and develop our own valuations. Coupled with being opportunistic, deliberate, and agile, we structure our deals creatively with the purpose of delivering long-term, sustainable value for our partners.
We partner collaboratively
We are aligned with our partners and stay invested for the long-term. We share the findings from our evaluations and due diligence with our investee companies for mutual benefit.
We operate with purpose
Mining has a critical role to play in the future of the world’s economy, and we are purpose-driven to help the next generation of mining companies and projects do things right the first time – with the best available operational, technical, environmental, social, and governance practices in place.

Insights and Thought Leadership