Four Pillars of Success

We know mining
We have walked in the shoes of mining companies, having considerable experience on all sides of a deal – both on the ground, and in the capital markets. We are geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers, analysts, investment bankers, and financiers.
We’re diligent, disciplined and creative
We take a deep look at individual projects to de-risk them and develop our own valuations. Coupled with being opportunistic, deliberate, and agile, we structure our deals creatively with the purpose of delivering long-term, sustainable value for our partners.
We partner collaboratively
We are aligned with our partners and stay invested for the long-term. We share the findings from our evaluations and due diligence with our investee companies for mutual benefit.
We operate with purpose
Mining has a critical role to play in the future of the world’s economy, and we are purpose-driven to help the next generation of mining companies and projects do things right the first time – with the best available operational, technical, environmental, social, and governance practices in place.
investment philosophy in the mining sector

Investment Philosophy

We are focused on delivering long-term, sustainable value as a trusted partner and investor in the mining sector.

We believe there is a better way to invest in the mining sector. We do it by focusing on the long-term, thoroughly evaluating and de-risking opportunities, investing our own capital alongside others, and relying on a team of technical and financial experts who know mining inside and out.
Dundee Corp. employs a disciplined capital allocation strategy and a thorough technical due diligence process to evaluate mining investment opportunities. Our due diligence and de-risking approach focuses on all aspects of the mining business. We thoroughly evaluate potential investments and make deliberate, long-term decisions.

  • We invest in undervalued mining companies where we believe we can deliver value by using a clearly-defined investment process.
  • We have a comprehensive due diligence methodology to de-risk investments – one which includes analyzing geological, technical, social, business and political risks.
  • We are not speculative investors – we make deliberate investment decisions. We are invested for the long-term, and do not take exorbitant fees on the deals we structure.
  • We look to invest in high-quality assets that can be profitable at any point in the cycle; not just today.

Why Dundee?

Dundee brand provides access
  • • Operating and strategic partners across the mining value chain
  • • Recognized, respected global brand
  • • A preferred and trusted strategic partner
Timely opportunity
  • • Junior mining companies and assets are significantly undervalued
  • • Cash poor, ignored by institutional investors
Recognized as mining insiders
  • • Established team of investors, operators, geologists, and engineers
  • • Evaluation of over 750 projects in 50+ countries
Technical acumen for de-risking
  • • We complete our own due diligence - never relying on the work of others
  • • Highly experienced in de-risking and evaluation of mining assets applying ESG best practices
Alignment & ownership
  • • We invest our own money alongside our capital partners
  • • We work with management and remain involved through completion