Dundee Corporations Mining Roots
A Return to Our Mining Roots.
Dundee Corporation is an active investor focused solely on delivering value from long-term investments in undervalued mining assets.

Founded in 1991 by Ned Goodman, Dundee Corporation built a track record over the past thirty years as a successful mining investor. During this period, Dundee Corporation had many high-profile wins, including:

  • Homestake Mining; sold to Barrick
  • Seed investor of Kinross Gold
  • Founding investor of Repadre Capital Corporation; sold to Iamgold
  • Zemex Minerals
  • Breakwater Resources
  • Founding shareholder of Dundee Precious Metals Inc.
  • Founding investor in Osisko Mining
  • Raised $4.3 billion in flow-through limited partnerships helping to discover some of Canada’s best orebodies

In 2011, Dundee Corporation’s focus expanded to businesses beyond the mining sector. While there were some successes, there were also ventures that did not perform well, which took the focus away from where the Company was strongest and where it delivered the best returns: mining.
In order to bring Dundee Corporation back to its roots as a mining investment and merchant bank business, Jonathan Goodman returned to Dundee Corporation as Chairman and CEO in 2018 with the goal of re-recreating the culture and structure that lead to Dundee Corporation’s past success in the mining business.

Dundee’s long-term plan involves operating two mining investment and finance businesses:

  • Dundee Mining (Private Equity Style)
    This is the technical team that does the detailed work on the larger investments. The team’s due diligence and de-risking approach focuses on all aspects of the mining business and thoroughly evaluates potential investments and make deliberate, long-term decisions. Once due diligence is complete, they work closely with the Merchant Banking team to structure and implement the deal in a way so that they receive a commission. The team currently has a healthy pipeline of investment opportunities in their portfolio they are evaluating.
  • CMP (Flow-Through Fund)
    The flow through fund business which raises money from Canadians who need tax deductions generated from mineral exploration. This was once a major area of strength for Dundee, which helped companies raise over $4.3 billion. Dundee has a new structure that can give even more tax deductions to the investors, and expects it will result in regaining market share and increasing profitability.

By focusing our efforts on where we are strongest, Dundee can leverage our teams’ substantial mining and finance expertise to deliver significant deal flow and value for our shareholders and partners.