CMP® pioneered the creation of flow-through limited partnerships in the 1980s and, ever since, the CMP® Resource Limited Partnerships have offered investors nationwide the opportunity to benefit from Canada's compelling tax incentives aimed at supporting our national resource industry. Since their creation in 1984, the CMP® Resources Limited Partnerships have raised more than $2.9 billion and have negotiated more private placements than any other flow-through partnership in Canada.

CMP® began as a vehicle to transfer the tax benefits enjoyed by resource companies to the larger investment community. In 1983, the Federal government offered particular tax advantages to resource companies under the Canadian Exploration Expenditure (CEE) program. This allowed resource companies that incur certain exploration expenditures in Canada to completely deduct these costs from their income for tax purposes. This tax assistance was designed to encourage exploration and development within the oil and gas, mining and base metals sectors.

Ned Goodman and Richard J. Renaud recognized how the tax assistance could benefit investors and successfully canvassed the Canadian Federal government for a flow-through investment vehicle. By creating flow-through shares, an issuance of special shares allows companies in the target resource sectors to pass on the special write-offs to investors. The exploration expenditures were then flowed through to CMP® Resource limited partners using what is now called a "flow-through share".

Since 1999, CMP® Resource Limited Partnerships have raised more than $1.7 billion for Canadian resource projects and over $2.9 billion since their creation in 1984. The partnerships have provided investors with more than 100 percent tax efficiency. In addition to the tax advantages, the average portfolio returns of the CMP® Resource Limited Partnerships provide another compelling investment advantage.